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  • BlogPaws Co-Founder Retires and Continues Journey

    Have you heard the news? Yvonne DiVita retires today! Yvonne will get to spend more time with Tom now, and they look forward to coming up with new ideas and projects together! Tom retired just over a year ago and has been patiently waiting for Yvonne to… read more


  • How to Plan for Long-Term Success as a Pet Blogger

    woman working on laptop beside dogs | How to Plan for Long-Term Success as a Pet Blogger

    Let’s set the intent of this post, right now. The title, “How-to Plan for Long-Term Success as a Pet Blogger” is missing a word. What word would you add if you were writing this post? I’d add the word “business”. We can put it in front… read more


  • Pet Parents Rely on Pets More than Technology: BlogPaws Reports

    New data suggests that while pet parents are heavily immersed in social media sites, a whopping 47 percent of those same pet parents believe owning a pet is better for one’s life than engaging in social networking sites.  Yes, pet parents of America (and we bet… read more

  • Why Twitter is a Pet Blogger’s Best Friend

    by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager Twitter: The most concise and abbreviated form of communication to hit the Internet and social media-sphere in probably, well, ever. In 140 characters, companies have escalated their sales, celebrities have destroyed their reputations, and millions of bloggers have gained a… read more