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  • Write Faster, Earn More: Confronting Writer’s Block

    woman on couch working on laptop beside dog | Write Faster, Earn More: Confronting Writer’s Block

    *Updated: July 19, 2022 To write more quickly, you’ve got to kick your inner critic out of the room during the first draft and have faith that you can turn a mess into a masterpiece. This includes, of course, breaking through writer’s block when it rears… read more


  • 5 Strategies for Breaking Through Dreaded Writer’s Block!

    How to Overcome Dreaded Writer's Block

    There it is. That blank screen. It’s staring back at you like an accusing eyeball. Where is your post? it’s asking. Your readers are waiting, it says. Start typing! it shouts at you. And there you sit. Silent. Hands in your lap. Nothing is coming. You… read more


  • How To Overcome Writers Block With EFT

    by: Carol Bryant Did you ever get writer's block? Raise a paw if writer's block has sometime, somewhere along life's blogging path, affected you. (I'd have both hands raised, but I need to write this). Have you heard of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques? The Dr. Oz… read more


  • Is It Writer’s Block Or Writing Anxiety?

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I used to teach writing classes at a local literary center and I focused my courses on magazine writing, fiction and blogging. When a student came to the class (and these were adults) telling me that they didn't do… read more