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  • Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

    Is Affiliate Marketing Right for You?

    Shopping trends lean into affiliate marketing opportunities. Online sales are at an all-time high. More people are exclusively shopping online, whether that means delivery or curbside pickup. That trend suggests that brands miss out on last-minute add-ons, trying newly launched products in-store, and loss of end-cap… read more


  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Sponsorships

    The Do's and Don'ts of Conference Sponsorships - BlogPaws.com

    Do you dream of attending the BlogPaws conference but just can’t swing it financially? Have you considered securing a sponsorship to offset the costs of your attendance? Great! Have we got some advice for you! First, check out this Facebook Live video where BlogPaws’ Chief of… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blop Hop: Bloggers Working With Brands

    Are you a blogger who is working with brands or wants to? This week’s edition of the Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to specific, actionable tips to help you get the most out of a brand relationship. If you blog, more than likely you want… read more


  • How Do Brands Choose Bloggers for Campaigns? Felissa Elfenbein Shares the Inside Scoop

    What do brands look for when hiring influencers?

    Curious about how brands choose the bloggers they want for a campaign? Want to know the magic formula for acing every sponsored campaign you earn? (Don’t we all!) How about some insider info on what makes the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network tick? Well, today’s your lucky… read more


  • What is Your Role in Influencer Campaigns?

    What is your role in influencer campaigns-

    Influencer marketing campaigns are a lot more complex than most realize. As an influencer, you are a piece in a larger promotional effort to create awareness about a brand or product, which hopefully influences more sales. For the overall campaign to be successful, all of the… read more


  • How to Assert Yourself without Burning Bridges

    How to Assert Yourself Without Burning Bridges

    You’re a blogger with a readership that is invested in your content and voice. They enjoy your insight and are influenced by the information you share. In short, you are considered an influencer, and brands have begun to take notice. They may have reached out to… read more


  • What is the Measure of Influence?

    How do brands measure influence?

    What is the value of a blog post? A social share? A comment reply? There are two measures: the hard data of numbers (followers, page views, etc.) and the soft data of engagement. Both are vital elements in determining the success of an influencer campaign, but… read more


  • How to Get Picked for Influencer Campaigns

    How to get picked for influencer campaigns (1)

    As professional bloggers–and we should all strive to be professionals, whether blogging is our full-time job or not–we want to make money, right? One of the ways to do that is by participating in influencer campaigns. On Monday, we looked at some of the reasons why… read more


  • Not getting picked for influencer campaigns? Here’s why.

    When it comes to blogger campaigns, it’s a given that there will always be far more applicants than spots. That’s why it’s important to position yourself as a pro. As the community grows and more opportunities become available, though, we’ve heard from some bloggers who worry… read more


  • 7 Negotiation Skills Experts Use Every Day

    Smile but don't spill the candy in the lobby

    Imagine this: you at your computer. Checking email. There it is. An email from a brand asking you to do… something. Either it’s a blog post or a blog post with product review or a social campaign to increase brand awareness. Yep, it’s there. In your inbox.… read more