• The Power of Social Media Simply Explained

    social media explained

    Establishing your expertise on social media is no easy task these days. Whether you are on social media for yourself, a brand, and/or client, you should have a clearly defined plan for return on investment and return on engagement. This includes, but is not limited to:… read more


  • How a Female Dog Trainer Became a Millionaire

    by: Carol Bryant Camilla Gray-Nelson made over one million dollars in her business in one calendar year. She did it without a business plan, but with a blog, and on Saturday, August 15th, I had the opportunity to sit in on her “how to” session at… read more


  • Copywriting Secrets for the Pet Business


    by: Carol Bryant If you’ve ever clicker trained your dog, we want that click as pet bloggers. Amber Carlton says copywriting can help you get that click. I had the privilege of attending the Women in the Pet Industry (WIPIN) Conference in Portland, Oregon last week.… read more


  • BlogPaws Hits of the Week

    by: Carol Bryant We're a 24/7/365 busy, active blog and community at BlogPaws. With the weekend here, now's a good time to catch up on what we dished all week long at BlogPaws. Here's your weekend edition of BlogPaws Hits of the Week. Did you miss… read more