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  • Did You Know That Pets Can Get Diabetes?

    One of our BlogPaws Community Members posted an article and a great infographic depicting the number of pets afflicted with diabetes.  "Diabetes is on the rise in dogs and cats. There are different factors — genetics, obesity, pancreas-related illnesses like pancreatitis can add to the issue.… read more


  • Three Tips To Caring For A Senior Pet

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess For anyone who adopts a pet — whether a puppy or an older dog — there will come a time when you will be faced with caring for him or her into old age. There are steps you can take… read more

  • What To Say, And What Not To Say, Following the Passing of a Pet

    Guest post by Steven May If you were to ask a veterinarian or vet assistant what the hardest part of their job is most would quickly say the end of life process. These professionals have committed themselves to the pursuit of keeping pets healthy but are… read more