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  • Social Media Planning 2018 Blog Hop

    Social media planning takes the guesswork out of feeling overwhelmed and not getting sidetracked in the rabbit hole of LIKES, Comments, and sharing. This week’s blog hop is dedicated to the art of a social media plan. Don’t let the word “plan” overwhelm, as there is… read more


  • How To Do a Social Media Audit

    people using social media on their phones | How To Do a Social Media Audit

    *Updated: January 17, 2023 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it is also a perfect time to engage in a social media audit of your social properties. No matter what time of year you are reading this blog post, this information will… read more


  • Which Social Media Networks Should I Use?

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    Which social media networks should I use and why? This is a question we receive frequently at the BlogPaws offices. As part of your overall blog business plan (and you do have a blog business plan, right)…having a strategy and tactical plan behind why you do… read more