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Social Media Planning 2018 Blog Hop

Social media planning takes the guesswork out of feeling overwhelmed and not getting sidetracked in the rabbit hole of LIKES, Comments, and sharing. This week’s blog hop is dedicated to the art of a social media plan. Don’t let the word “plan” overwhelm, as there is a a purpose and method to your social media planning for 2018.


Bottom line: Schedule content but engage in real time. Engage a lot. Engage a real lot. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What social media platforms do you want to be on? “Every single one” is not an answer. Choose the networks and have a reason why.
  2. Do a complete audit of the platforms from step one: Everything from your about page to URL, to imaging, branding, and more. Want to know more about a social media audit?
  3. Have a posting strategy and timeline in place. I would lose my marble without a social media plan and a calendar to keep me on track. I’ve got a Trello board for ideas, a social media planner for content on social, and a social media scheduler to help with getting it all done. However, you must engage in real time. Put the social in social media.
  4. Analyze and test what you did month over month. Set goals, use analytics across platforms to see if you are hitting those goals, and make tweaks where needed.

Those are the four main things you need to do to implement social media planning for 2018.

Now, another tip: Engage with others in this blog hop and on social media in general.

The Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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