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  • SEO 101: Lessons From #BlogPaws Conference

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Speaking to a full house, Bill Schroeder began his SEO 101 talk by giving an analogy of  “white hat” and “black hat” SEO (search engine optimization) is. “Consider if there were two ways to grow your wealth,” he said, “You… read more


  • 16 Ways to Become a Better Pet Blogger


    I need to blog daily. I want brands to recognize me. I want to change the way people treat animals. If any of these statements sound like something you say to yourself at least once a week, chances are you are a pet blogger. In celebration… read more


  • Don’t Make These 5 Social Media Mistakes

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Are you going blithely along with your blogging and social media, fingers crossed, that you are marking your territory with your words and your efforts? Do you have a plan for your social media? No plan? Yikes! Here is what… read more


  • Web Accessibility For Your Blog – What Is it And Why Is It Important?

    Guest post by BlogPaws Community Member Jenny Lewis Web accessibility for your blog is the practice of making web content accessible to the disabled, an act that pet bloggers need to address. Our purpose is to share a love of animals, and the knowledge, entertainment, and products we… read more


  • SEO Tips for Pet Bloggers


    by: Carol Bryant When I went looking for how to up my blogging SEO game, Pam Foster’s marketing, SEO, and social media advice stopped me in my tracks: literally. Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry is one of the best “how to” books for marketing… read more


  • Seven Blog Headlines to Capture Fans in 2014

    Carol Bryant

    Post by Carol Bryant Resolutions, absolutions, and conclusions are three topics many bloggers are writing about this time of year. The New Year is upon us, the dietary discretions tempt us, and the passing of 365 days is about to take hold. Headlines tell a story but… read more


  • SEO Basics For The Pet Blogger

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess During a recent #BlogPawsChat one of the pet bloggers in attendance brought up a question along the lines of "What is SEO and why the heck does the pet blogger need it." Today I explore some of the reasons you… read more

  • Pet Blogging 101: 5 Steps To Get You Started And Keep You Going

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are already a pet blogger. You could be facing some of the same issues that many of the bloggers that we talk with regularly face… I don’t have much traffic; Why should I… read more

  • Guiding Principles For Successful Blogging: Lessons Learned at BlogPaws 2013

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess You started your pet blog hoping for… fame and glory? Recognition of your writing skills? To share the love of your particular pet? To earn money? Whatever your reason, you certainly had in mind that when you started blogging that… read more

  • Harnessing The Power of SEO For Your Local Pet Blogging Efforts

    It may seem like a no-brainer — if you're writing a blog post about a local event or shelter in your area, you'd put in the location, right? As Pam Foster, owner of PetCopywriter.com and Managing Editor of Content & Communications at LifeLearn, Inc. points out… read more