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  • How to Deal with Blogging Emergencies

    How to deal with blogging emergencies

    Large-scale companies hire Public Relations professionals. We hear about these PR reps, more often than not, when something has gone wrong and the company is in the spotlight. What we don’t see as often is the work that is happening before a problem arises. If the… read more


  • Three Public Relations Blunders To Avoid

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess In my years on both sides of the public relations desk – both as a public relations manager for a hospital and as a journalist that received press releases from various businesses and individuals – I can tell you… read more

  • Why Pet Bloggers Should Embrace PR

    By: Carol Bryant Bloggers are responsible for doing Public Relations for their blog. Therefore, if we want increased traffic, defining ourselves as PR Managers of our blogs is important. You need not apply the title if the thought of PR drives you batty, but the sooner… read more

  • Why Bloggers Need to Engage in Public Relations

    by Carol Bryant Are bloggers also Public Relations gurus? If you don’t consider yourself a PR maven, the start of October might be a good time to reexamine that line of thinking. At our core, pet bloggers need to do their own PR. You might even… read more

  • 5 Tips for Bloggers When Dealing With a Public Relations Firm

    by guest blogger, Michelle Maskaly As a friend of mine likes to remind me, I wear a variety of professional hats, and two of them seem to go hand-in-hand: Blogger and social media coordinator at a public relations firm. Being on both sides of the situation… read more