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  • 3 Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews

    3 Quick Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews - BlogPaws.com

    Writing reviews of the products you use and try out with your pets is a great way to create a dialogue with your readers. Sharing your honest experiences on what works well and what should be avoided makes for valuable content fellow pet owners love to… read more


  • Eight Secrets to Maximizing and Monetizing a Blog Post

    dog play

    Do any of the following apply to you? I want to make money. I want to monetize with BlogPaws. I am a pet blogger and want to bring in cash through my blog. I write product reviews (or want to). If one or more of the… read more


  • Should pet bloggers work for free? It depends on …

    By Tom Collins I don't know about your pets, but Chester, Emily, Olive, and Molly like to eat. Heck, Yvonne and I like to eat. And a few free servings of dog or cat food, or a new bag of litter, or some kind of pet-focused… read more

  • 5 Tips for Bloggers When Dealing With a Public Relations Firm

    by guest blogger, Michelle Maskaly As a friend of mine likes to remind me, I wear a variety of professional hats, and two of them seem to go hand-in-hand: Blogger and social media coordinator at a public relations firm. Being on both sides of the situation… read more