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  • A Guide To Pet Selfies #BPPet360

    Okay, admit it. You’re obsessed with selfies and you’ve been working to get your pet involved in it, right? I am certain all pet parents have. Pet360 offers a guide for taking pet selfies that put you both in your best light! Read the post here… read more

  • July Prompts For Your Pet Blogging Inspiration

    With the Dog (and Cat!) Days of summer firmly gripping the country, you know you need to blog, but might be just to tired (and hot!) do to so. BlogPaws Community Member Kimberly Gauthier, of Keep the Tail Wagging, has provided a month’s worth of prompts… read more

  • Social Media Time Management Tips For Pet Bloggers

    Post by Robbi Hess  In a perfect world we would wake up when we wanted to, meander to the breakfast table, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then make our way to our computers and work on our blog posts. Also, in this perfect world our blog… read more


  • Don’t Make These 5 Social Media Mistakes

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Are you going blithely along with your blogging and social media, fingers crossed, that you are marking your territory with your words and your efforts? Do you have a plan for your social media? No plan? Yikes! Here is what… read more


  • BlogPaws 2014: Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess If you have pets, chances are you take photos of them. If you have pets and are a blogger, chances are you use those photos in your blog posts. If you’re not using Pinterest to help promote your blogging efforts,… read more


  • Pet Blogger Education Month: Read All About You!

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Hear ye! Hear ye! aka “Read All About You!” Are there times you feel you toil away in obscurity, but you know you are doing good, making a difference in the world of pets and even in the world of… read more


  • How To Make Your Readers Love You The Way Your Pets Do!

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess You know that your pets love you, right? They show it by their happy wags when you come through the door or by the way they snuggle in with you at the end of a long day. Do you ever… read more


  • What’s On Your Pet Blogging Bucket List?

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Resolutions. Did you have them? How are they working out? What I’d like to ask is what’s on your pet blogging bucket list? I know that for some “bucket list” has the connotation of “something to do before you die”… read more


  • Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers And Pet Parents Of All Stripes Working Together

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I sometimes find myself, during the course of the week, not visiting or interacting as much on Facebook as I have in the past. Gasp! Want to know why and where I am? Actually, I've been where the pet parents… read more

  • Dos and Donts of Pinterest for Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant Looking back at 2013, this has certainly been the year of the image. In fact, Oxford English Dictionary named the word "selfie" as its word of the year. Have you engaged more with images this year? No doubt, as a blogger and/or microblogger… read more