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  • 4 Simple Tricks to Photograph Your Pet Like a Pro

    4 Simple Tricks to Photograph Your Pet Like a Pro- BlogPaws.com

    For pet bloggers, taking great images of our pets is a key component to blogging success. Unlike with human models, it’s not always easy to get your pet to strike the perfect pose for that eye-popping photo. It takes a bit of creative maneuvering to get… read more


  • 7 Quick Design Tweaks to Update Your Blog for the New Year

    7 Quick Design Tweaks to Update Your Blog - BlogPaws.com

    If content is king, then good design is the valet who comes in and dresses the king. It’s an important role that’s often overlooked. While that might be a terrible analogy, it’s important to analyze the dressing of your blog throughout the year. But, it doesn’t… read more


  • 3 Places to Find Free Stock Photography

    Where to find free stock photography | BlogPaws.com

    Sometimes the lighting doesn’t cooperate. Sometimes our pets don’t cooperate! Or that perfect prop you need for the shot just isn’t affordable, or you were hoping for a conceptual image to illustrate a concept. Thank goodness for stock photography! Finding the exact image you need–for free,… read more


  • Tips for Taking Stand Out In-Store Photos

    Tips for Taking Stand Out In-Store Photos (Hint- Editing is key!) | BlogPaws.com

    When working on a sponsored campaign, many times the brand will ask for in-store photos. Even if they don’t, including in-store photos of the product or brand helps your readers identify and connect with the product or brand, which is sure to impress the brand you… read more


  • How to Tell a Story with Photography

    Mary Hone Photography

    The world is a visual place, and blogs are the perfect example of visual storytelling. The words we write are very important to express our thoughts and ideas, but great images have a big impact on our story, too.  It goes back to when we were… read more

  • When a Picture is NOT Worth a Thousand Words

    Words and Pictures Together

    I have a love/hate relationship with photos. Especially photos of pets or people. As a photographer, my photos leave a lot to be desired. For instance, people’s heads. Or dog’s paws. Somehow I manage to cut out the best parts of a picture every time I… read more


  • Wrapping Up A Busy Week At BlogPaws

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess From making arrangements to care for the pets of older relatives to VIP BlogPaws 2014 Sweepstakes, it's been yet another busy week at BlogPaws. In my part of the country I have actually had to scrape ice off my car… read more

  • How to Take Perfect Pictures for Your Blog

    Taking the right pictures with the right angle and the right lighting leads to a perfect photo for your blog, right? WIth the influence of visual assets to the social media landscape (Pinterest, Instagram, etc), having the right photos to complement your brand messaging is essetial… read more

  • How Do You Do That? Putting Quotes On Your Photos

    From the editor's desk. We love seeing the clever — and oh so cute! — photos of pets but have you ever wondered how to put quotes on your adorable pet photos?  Here's an article we found on Pinterest that explains it. How cool is that! … read more