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  • #BPPet360: Debunking Black Cat Bad Luck Myths

    Did you know that black cats and black dogs are the most overlooked colors in most shelters? There appears to still be an idea that black cats are bad luck. This post by Pet360 helps with debunking black cat bad luck myths. The article offers a… read more


  • BlogPaws News Bite: Help Your Pet Live Longer #BPpetMD

    As pet parents there is nothing worse than losing a beloved pet. We also know that as pet parents we will do whatever it takes to help our pets live longer, healthier lives, right. This article from petMD offers five life-lengthening tips for your pet. What… read more


  • 5 Most Popular BlogPaws Stories of the Week

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    Here are 5 of the hottest and most popular BlogPaws that happened this week, ending 08/23/14. How Much is Too Much Online: We’re all adults here and we don’t need an Internet filter to tell us what we can or cannot read online. From a discretionary… read more


  • Pet360 Search for New Pet Product Ideas #BPPet360

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    Does your pet inspire you to come up with new ideas? Pet360 and Edison Nation have partnered to find, license and manufacture new pet product innovations. Pet360.com is specifically interested in finding new products in the following categories: Travel Grooming Furniture and beds Dog and cat toys Storage… read more


  • Join The Soul Mate Skate In Philly

    Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia has extended an invitation to its first ever “With Love: Soul Mate Skate” on Saturday, February 15, 2014! Organized by CNKP in conjunction with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (“DRWC”), the Soul Mate Skate will allow a variety of rescue groups to feature their adoptable… read more


  • 12 BlogPaws Resources You Need Right Now

    by: Carol Bryant As a pet blogger of almost 5 years (that's really like what, 1 in dog years), one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, "What exactly can BlogPaws offer me year round?" As a BlogPaws Gold Star member (a title I… read more

  • How to Tell If You are Addicted to Your Pet

    by: Carol Bryant We are called BlogPaws, so for it's no small secret we love pets, more than a little. We're an entire entity formed with pets in mind, by pet lovers, and for pet lovers/bloggers/parents. Do you call yourself a pet parent? Is your pet… read more

  • Adopting (and Loving) Astrid: Dealing With A Dog With Cancer

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess There are two ways to look at this story: With anger at the individuals who would drop off a three-pound deaf, blind dog who was suffering cancerous tumors in a park and leave her to fend for herself; or with… read more

  • Pet Industry Leader Reveals Pet Blogger Impact

    by: Carol Bryant Klooff. Have you heard of it? Klooff is an app that allows users to share a dog walk with people near you, tag and share pet photos on Facebook and Twitter, get your pet a profile, and more. Klooff is also a company… read more

  • Pet Industry Leader Reveals Pet Blogger Forecast

    by: Carol Bryant The pet industry is ripe for disruption. Those words stopped me in my tracks and perhaps they elicited the same reaction to you. Just who is doing the disrupting, how does it apply to pet bloggers, and are brands recognizing the impact we… read more