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  • #PetSafety Tips For Cat And Dog Parents #Pet360

    As we continue to celebrate #PetSafety month here at BlogPaws we wanted to share these two bits of information on pet safety for both cats and dogs from Pet360. Even if you feel you’ve read these tips before, it is always good to have a reminder… read more


  • #PetSafety For Cat Lovers

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess As the current owner of three cats and two grandcats I have a plethora of cat and kitten safety information at my fingertips. Some of my information was gleaned through Internet research, others by talking with professionals in the cat… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday: Pet Safety Blog Hop

    cute dog adopted at shelter

    It’s the weekly blog hop and we are kicking off with the ultimate act of “pet safety” aka when someone adopts a pet from a shelter: What a great gift for everyone. In most cases, a life is being saved. In honor of Pet Safety month,… read more


  • BlogPaws #PetSafetyContest on Instagram

    BlogPaws Pet Safety Month theme badge - July 2015

    Keeping pets safe year-round should be at the forefront of every pet parent’s mind. What do you do to keep your pet safe? BlogPaws wants to know in our July #PetSafetyContest on Instagram. It’s easy, fun, and the prizes are plentiful:Three winners will each receive a… read more


  • Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

    Summer is just around the corner and chances are you and your dog will be looking for ways to stay cool this summer. Our friends at Deaf Dogs Rock wrote a great post on 10 summer tips to keep your dog cool. Check it out and… read more


  • Who Wants To Go To ‘Cat Island’?

    If you own cats you know that sometimes they get underfoot, right? Can you imagine if you lived on “Cat Island” in Japan? It’s a place where the cats outnumber the humans! Read about these feral cats who were originally brought into control the mouse population.… read more


  • Humans, Cats And Litterboxes

    Note from Blog Manager, Robbi Hess: It breaks my heart when I hear that so many cats are surrendered because of litter box issues. I agree that it is frustrating and even in my house of four kitties one of them has decided to stop pooping… read more


  • #SpoilYourPet: Tips To Make It Happen

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I realize that for pet lovers, #SpoilYourPet is something that likely happens every day. If, however, you’re looking for a way to truly spoil him or her during February, aka Valentine’s, I have a few tips that I know that… read more


  • 15 Pet Safety Holiday Tips

    Wreck the halls and eat the holly: Either one of these and a pet is absolutely destined to end up at the emergency veterinarian over the holidays. Pet safety around the holidays becomes even more important. BlogPaws Community bloggers are perhaps some of the best sources… read more

  • Going Natural With Your Pet’s Food? #BPPet360

    It’s a growing trend and Only Natural Pet is right there with the advice that any pet parent needs when they are making a switch to organic, natural or freeze dried and dehydrated foods. You can read the article here on how to introduce your pets… read more