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  • How to Win Money for Your Favorite Pet Rescue

    be the change for pets

    I am a shelter or rescue worker who wants to do something more to raise awareness for the pets in need. I am a pet parent who wants to help homeless pets but have no idea where to start. I am a blogger who wants to… read more


  • December Kicks Off ‘Giving Month’ At BlogPaws

    Post by Robbi Hess I'm not ashamed to admit when I make my shopping list for my friends and family for the holidays I also include items for my pets. Henrietta typically gets more than the four cats and Spenser, but then she likes to wear… read more

  • Actress Alyssa Milano & SoCal Animal Rescue Save Dog Raised For Slaughter In South Korea

    From The Editor's Desk: This story broke our hearts when we first saw and it through the compassion of actress Alyssa Milano and the SoCal Animal Rescue Bomi's life was spared.  In a press release it was noted that: "A Southern California animal rescue organization, The… read more


  • How to Get the World Buzzing About Your Rescue or Shelter

    Rock stars of the pet rescue world will be gracing the stage for the exclusive “Be the Change for Pets: BlogPaws” track that is brand new this year! Indeed, BlogPaws is proud to present sessions geared to folks who want to create buzz, connect social media,… read more


  • BlogPaws Helps Larimer Humane Society

    Be the Change for Pets: This is a BlogPaws mantra. BlogPaws will be presenting a check today in the amount of $2,120 to the Larimer Humane Society due to their involvement with animals affected by the High Park fires in Colorado. Larimer Humane Society has cared… read more

  • How to help animals by blogging

    By: Carol Bryant Who amongst us wants to help animals in their area? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like you want to help but have no idea where to start? We've all been there and struggle with this. BlogPaws loves giving back as much as… read more

  • Do you blog for the locals?

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess While it's true that your blogging can — and will — be read by people from all around the world, have you ever considered blogging for the locals? If you're a pet blogger, chances are there is an animal… read more