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  • BlogPaws Knows Who’s Who in the Pet Industry

    This year, BlogPaws is adding a lot of new things to our already fab conference. In May, when 500 pet industry leaders, bloggers, celebs, and brands descend upon Tysons Corners, you’ll be treated to many things, one of them being the addition of Lunch Pack Leaders!… read more

  • Pet Market Thriving and Pet Bloggers Key Resource

    by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager Despite the recession, the pet market continues to grow. A report recently released by Mintel, independent provider of world-leading market intelligence, reveals that despite the turbulence affecting the economy in general, the pet market is worth over $49 billion in… read more

  • Pets are Kids and Pet Bloggers Have Power

    Pet bloggers have tremendous purchasing influence and power, and BlogPaws is featured in a Dogster article. Dogs as Kids and Pet Bloggers Influence… read more


  • BlogPaws Announces Programs and Pet Industry Connection Packages

    by: Carol Bryant Brands are recognizing the value of working with key pet product purchase influencers through BlogPaws. Brands are encouraged to connect with BlogPaws to get started on the program and customized outreach plan. BlogPaws Announces Programs and Pet Industry Connection Packages… read more