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  • 2017 Trends in the Pet Industry

    2017 Trends in the Pet Industry- BlogPaws.com

    At this year’s Global Pet Expo, American Pet Products Association president, Bob Vetere, announced that pet industry spending in 2016 rose to a record high of $66.75 billion. The pet industry has experienced continuous, unprecedented growth: According to the APPA, there are 84.6 million pet-owning households… read more


  • Pet Brands That Give Back:
    A Roundup from Global Pet Expo

    Pet Brands That Give Back

    One of the best aspects of our industry is the passion for pets. Many pet brands are committed to giving back in some way, and Global Pet Expo saw the launch of numerous philanthropic initiatives. We were lucky enough to be included in the press conferences… read more


  • 2016 Trends in the Pet Industry

    2016 Pet Industry Trends Hero

    Post by Maggie Marton, BlogPaws Blog Manager The final numbers aren’t in yet, but the American Pet Products Association estimated pet-related spending to top $60 billion in 2015. Based on what I spend on my cat and dogs, I believe it! And, projections for 2016 will be even… read more

  • Pet Industry Star Sandy Robins on Pet Blogging

    sandy robins

    Ever wish you could sit down for a one on one with one of the country’s foremost experts in the animal world? Short of having pet industry rock star, Sandy Robins, visit you each personally, Pet World Insider sat down with Sandy for a person-to-person look… read more


  • Up Close and Personal With Pet Industry Rock Star

    Mike Cavanaugh

    Some people know how to make an entrance. Michael Cavanaugh is one of those people and a pet industry rock star. As the Emcee for the BlogPaws 2014 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards, Cavanaugh shared his wit, candor, charm, and message with the packed… read more


  • Pet Industry and Bloggers Soar to New Heights


    by: Carol Bryant We are a society who loves our pets. Annual spending in the pet industry reached $55.7 billion in 2013, according to APPA (American Pet Products Association) President, Bob Vetere. Vetere addressed a crowded media room at the annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando,… read more


  • State of the Pet Industry Year End Report


    by: Carol Bryant, PR and Marketing Manager The pet industry has seen its share of highs and lows, ups and downs, but 2013 proved to be a banner year, with pet bloggers at the helm. We are recognized as a driving force for the pet industry… read more


  • Pet Industry Leader Reveals Pet Blogger Forecast

    by: Carol Bryant The pet industry is ripe for disruption. Those words stopped me in my tracks and perhaps they elicited the same reaction to you. Just who is doing the disrupting, how does it apply to pet bloggers, and are brands recognizing the impact we… read more

  • True Or False Quiz For Pet Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant True or False: It is expected that over $53 million dollars will be spent in the pet industry in 2013 alone. Answer: FALSE! It will be $53 BILLION!!!! This is a very good number and a very good sign for pet bloggers and… read more

  • BlogPaws Knows Who’s Who in the Pet Industry

    This year, BlogPaws is adding a lot of new things to our already fab conference. In May, when 500 pet industry leaders, bloggers, celebs, and brands descend upon Tysons Corners, you’ll be treated to many things, one of them being the addition of Lunch Pack Leaders!… read more