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  • How To Write An Ebook: The What

    How to Market an Ebook

    In this, the third and final part of the ebook series, I will go into the specifics of the WHAT to do once your ebook is written. In this series I’ve covered: Why (should you write an ebook) How (to write an ebook) What (to do… read more


  • How To Write An Ebook: The How

    How To Write An Ebook

    In this, the second part of the series, I will go into the specifics of the how to write an ebook. Grab your favorite beverage and settle in; this could be a long post! In this three-part series I cover: Why (should you write it) How (to… read more


  • How To Write An Ebook: The Why

    How To Write An Ebook- The Why

    Should you write an ebook? Definitely! Well, maybe… Why is there no definitive answer to this question of whether you should write an ebook? It’s because you need to have, and understand, your WHY on whether you should put fingers to keyboard and spend your time… read more


  • What is Social Proof?

    What is Social Proof?

    Ever happen upon a blog post that immediately inspires you to click through to learn more? Sometimes you even go a step further and pull out your credit card to make a purchase! No, the blog post doesn’t have some crazy control over you. What it did… read more


  • How To Make Your Blog Content Evergreen

    benefits of evergreen content

    Have you ever wondered what the benefit of “evergreen” blog content is? Do you look back at your blog posts and wonder if they are evergreen or how you can shift them to be evergreen? Picture the evergreen tree, for which evergreen content is believed to… read more


  • How to Be a Successful Guest Blogger

    guest blogging tips

    Why, you’re probably wondering, should you be a guest blogger? You’re hard-pressed to carve out enough time for your own blogging, right? Consider this: When you’re a guest blogger, you will be given a deadline. Not an “artificial” deadline that you’ve given yourself, but a deadline… read more


  • 5+ Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

    ways to make money with your blog

    You blog because you have a passion for pets. You blog because you have a message to share. You blog because you’re a writer at heart. You blog because you want to make money, right? After all, your passion won’t keep your pet in holiday clothing… read more


  • 5 Quick Editing Tips for Blog Posts

    5 Quick Editing Tips for Blog Posts (1)

    Capture and retain your readers’ attention with engaging blog posts. Even if you have a story to tell, you could miss the mark with editing missteps. It’s a competitive landscape for bloggers. Readers need to connect with you and your words, but typos and errors can… read more

  • Stay Motivated During The Dog Days Of Summer

    embrace dog days of summer

    Aaaahhh summer. Time to kick back, take time off and enjoy. If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or petpreneur, you may want to rethink that. Imagine this scenario: You “take the summer off,” you stop marketing, you don’t attend networking events and you stop posting on your… read more


  • Three Keys To Creating Engaging Social Media Content

    blog is marketing hub

    What? There are only three keys to creating engaging social media content? I hear you saying that through the Internet! There are myriad ways in which to create engaging social media content, but I wanted to give you three so you can go forth, implement and… read more