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  • Amanda Yantos is a BlogPaws Pet Blogger Ambassador

    Amanda Yantos BlogPaws Ambasssador

    Each year, BlogPaws selects a group of pet bloggers ambassadors for their professionalism and talent in social media. These are pet bloggers who also help out newbies and to assist in “being the faces” of BlogPaws leading up to, and at, the conference. This year we… read more


  • Should Awards Matter to Pet Bloggers?

    Pet blogging awards

    How much importance do you put on winning an award to recognize you for a job well done?  At our very core as human beings, we all want to be recognized, appreciated, and in a perfect world, awarded in some way for our efforts in some… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Winter Shape Up

    Cat ready for exercise

    This kitty is ready for fun: No matter that season, physical and mental stimulation are imperative for the overall well being of pets. It’s Get Fit with Your Pet Month at BlogPaws. Looking for some inspiration to help your pet get into shape (or stay there)?… read more


  • Announcing the BlogPaws 2016 Conference Ambassadors

    BlogPaws 2016 Ambassadors, Photo Shutterstock

    An ambassador is someone who shares in a mission and helps support it every step of the way. Each year, BlogPaws selects a group of pet bloggers as ambassadors to the conference. They are chosen for their professionalism and talent in social media. Each blogger has… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Santa Paws

    Santa Paws dog

    Ho ho ho….who’s been a good kitty, puppy, fishie, bird, ferret, iguana? For every animal out there, worldwide, looks like  someone’s ready to shimmy down the chimney for good boys and girls. BlogPaws Community member, Lauren Miller of the Zoe Phee Blog shares her cutie for… read more


  • 9 Bloggers NOT in the Pet Space YOU Should Know About

    Blogging Eyeballs

    Post by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-founder I’ve been doing this “blogging thing” for a long time. Yes, a long time. Maybe even more than 10 years. Okay, definitely more than 10 years. Over that span of time, I’ve come to know and know of some outstanding… read more


  • Pampered Pets Means Big Bucks: Pet Bloggers Rejoice

    Blogging for a career

    by: Carol Bryant People treat their furry and feathered companions more like family members than ever, pampering them with treats, gifts, toys—even home-cooked meals. Well, sure that attention caught my attention: Did it catch yours? If you are a pet lover, a pet parent, or in… read more


  • Join #BlogPawsChat: Special Weekday Edition with Nutro and Dr. Tiffany

    Nutro logo

    We have a very big week coming up at BlogPaws, and you are invited!  In addition to our regular Tuesday night #BlogPawsChat from our friends at @Nutro. Dogs and cats are honest and loyal. And, they deserve the same in return. This is why the Nutro™… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Something in the Garden

    guinea pig

    Wait, we knew something was moving about in the garden, but can that really be Cinnamon the Guinea Pig? Indeed! For this week’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop, the above photo comes from Carma Poodale Allen,  a BlogPaws Community member, who shares Cinnamon. Want to learn more… read more


  • The Things You Don’t Know About Brands

    blog brands

    The bar is getting higher and higher and the clock is ticking closer and closer to the BlogPaws 2015 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The BlogPaws 2015 Conference takes place May 28-30, 2015, at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in downtown Nashville. The conference is capped at… read more