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  • 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Help Pets in Need

    Use social media to help homeless pets

    by: Carol Bryant Social media can be a very powerful tool, especially when it comes to helping pets in need. We’ve all witnessed the endless sea of pets in need on our Facebook news feeds. Not everyone likes to see “11th hour animals” on their Facebook feeds:… read more


  • A BlogPaws Icon Gains His Wings

    A BlogPaws Icon Gets His Wings

    “Hi! You don’t know me,” the email said, “but I’ve been reading your blog and I love it! I have a petblog, too! Mine is about raising funds for shelters,” and so it began, a friendship that would spawn a successful business and bring hundreds of… read more


  • Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month

    Guest post by Amy Shojai November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month. My first German Shepherd lived to 13 years, and now Magical-Dawg is 9, and Seren-Kitty will soon be 20 (yikes!), I can attest that the golden oldie pets are wonderful choices for many folks. It makes me… read more


  • Adopt An Adult Cat for a Lifetime of Love

    Guest post by JaneA Kelley Most people who go to a shelter wanting to adopt a cat have their hearts set on a kitten. Since there never seems to be a shortage of kittens that need homes, adult cats can languish in shelters for years –… read more


  • Adopt a Shelter Pet October Blog Hop

    Adopt a shelter pet

    It’s October and that means BlogPaws is celebrating Adopt a Shelter Pet Month all throughout October. We encourage the adoption of pets of all shapes, sizes, ages, and species. Adoption has so many benefits, and pet lovers know this, especially if that pet came from a… read more

  • Welcoming A New Pet To Your Family

    pet shower

    In our BlogPaws Community we have many members who consider their pets their babies, their children, their family and why not? Our pets give us unconditional love and acceptance. They are there with us through thick and thin, good times and bad. We came across this… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday: Pet Safety Blog Hop

    cute dog adopted at shelter

    It’s the weekly blog hop and we are kicking off with the ultimate act of “pet safety” aka when someone adopts a pet from a shelter: What a great gift for everyone. In most cases, a life is being saved. In honor of Pet Safety month,… read more


  • Consider A Reptile For A Pet

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess When it comes to pets I have had more than my share: Pony, horse, chickens, bunny, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, an iguana, finches, parakeets, boa constrictor, bearded dragons, ferrets, a turtle, fish tank with various kinds of salt and freshwater… read more


  • #FoodShelterLove Donation Given At #BlogPaws Conference

    silver rescue

    There are some individuals who toil behind the scenes to save animals. They see a pet in need, take it in and it snowballs from there. Thus was the case with Karina McDaniel, the owner of Silver Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee. “It all started,” Karina said,… read more


  • Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days A Success

    According to a press release from the Human Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) more than 5,000 dogs and cats nationwide found homes this past weekend at the country’s largest free pet adoption event, Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days, sponsored by Maddie’s Fund®. The HSSV  participated in this annual… read more