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  • Function Over Form: How to Get Creative with Your Content

    Data led graphics2

    Pet bloggers can utilize a variety of different content types in order to attract traffic. These range from basic blog posts, through to long-form content and even bigger content pieces such as infographics or interactive pieces or tools. These different content types can each serve different purposes… read more


  • BlogPaws Conference Holiday Sweepstakes

    The calendar says December and that means it’s time for the BlogPaws Holiday Sweepstakes. One of the greatest gifts we can give our growing community of bloggers and microbloggers is that of education. Established in the summer of 2009, before anyone ever thought of bringing pet… read more

  • How to Get Ahead in Search with Pro Level SEO

    Three letters than pack so much punch: SEO. Otherwise known as "Search Engine Optimization." I, too, love to write, and if you blog you are probably echoing that same sentiment. However, writing so that search engines find you and doing so the right way is a… read more