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  • Unique Selling Propositions for Influencers

    Unique Selling Propositions for Influencers

    Yes, you love blogging and social media. It’s fun; you love to write, and readers love to read what you’ve written. But have you thought about what sets you apart from other bloggers? And, more importantly, what is your long-term vision for your blog? What Do… read more


  • How Do You Make Money Blogging?

    How Do You Make Money Blogging- #MondayMotivation - BlogPaws.com

    We kicked off The Business of Blogging series with a little bit of tough love in the post Think Like a Boss! Today, we’re shifting gears and sharing some #MondayMotivation! Here goes… How do you make money blogging? That’s the most asked, most repeated question in… read more


  • How to Create a Name That Gets Noticed: For Your Pet Blog, Your Brand, or Your Product

    7 Tips for Creating a Memorable Blog Name from BlogPaws.com

    Remember choosing a name for your furry friend? Did you think about how it would sound when spoken? Whether it fit your pet’s personality? How it would be spelled? Much like naming your pet, naming your blog (or brand or product) is a big step. It’s… read more


  • 5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur

    5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur - BlogPaws.com

    You want your blog to be treated like a business. That means you’re growing an engaged audience, and you’re appealing to brands. But, if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve lost momentum, how do you hit that professional level? Blog like an entrepreneur! Entrepreneurs create and grow… read more


  • Email Do’s & Don’ts: Tone, Font, Style, and Fails

    email dos and donts

    In Part 1 of Email Do’s & Don’ts, I covered how to make a great first impression. You can read the original email tips here, but here’s a quick catch-up: Capture the recipient’s attention with a great subject line Keep your message brief Explaine what you want–what… read more


  • 5 Ways to Find New Blog Readers (and Grow Your Influence)

    5 Ways to Find New Blog Readers and Grow Your Influence

    When it comes to growing your audience, you’ve probably seen all the typical advice: leave thoughtful comments on other blogs in your market, share your colleagues’ work across social, participate in boosts and hops, and so on. Yes, those things work, but many bloggers fall into… read more


  • Back to School Supply List for Bloggers

    Back to School Supply List for Bloggers

    I mentioned in the Summer Reading List that BlogPaws is going “back to school” this fall with the launch of the new SLC. In true back-to-school fashion, we have a supply list… with a twist. This back to school supply list has been created just for… read more


  • Beat the Summer Blogger Slump: 15 Things to Do When Traffic is Slow

    Beat the Summer Blogger Slump- 15 Things to Do When Traffic is Slow

    Summer is in full swing, and summer means vacations! Summer means more time outside, enjoying barbeques, picnics, pool parties, and trips to the beach. Summer also means… your blog traffic might take a big dip. Why? All those vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts aren’t checking their laptops!… read more


  • A Blogging Terminology Guide: What New Bloggers Need to Know

    A Blogging Terminology Guide FB

    New to the blogosphere? Welcome! You’ll love it here, though I’ll be the first to admit: With all the acronyms and buzzwords, it’s tough to know what’s what when you first get started! So, here for you is a short blogging terminology guide with some of the basics.… read more


  • 10 Actions Pet Bloggers Can Take On New Year’s Day

    Happy New Year! It’s going to be a “sweet” 16! Can you believe it’s actually 2016?! This is going to be your year to take your blog and business to the next level. How do I know this? Well, first of all I know that our… read more