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  • When Fostering Pets, Being A Foster Failure Is A Great Thing

    Foster Failure is term we say when someone who is fostering a pet fails at the fostering part, falls in love with the pet and takes them in as a part of their family. Foster failure is never bad! There are many foster failure stories and… read more


  • Traveling With Some of the BlogPaws Dogs

    Nearly every morning our get up and go routine involves me, Chloe, getting Twiggy and Onyx ready for a car ride to the BlogPaws office. It happens so much that when it doesn't happen, Twiggy and Onyx stare at me wondering what is going on. Our… read more

  • Story: Pets Add Life – Join the Blog Hop

    By Chloe DiVita, BlogPaws COE I don't think anyone can deny that having pets adds so much to our lives. Twiggy and Onyx add love, affection, loyalty and of course smiles to my life. My dogs are probably the only two living beings that can cheer… read more