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  • Does My Cat Like Me For More Than My Ability To Fill Her Food Dish?

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I live with four cats, all adopted either from a shelter, saved from a box at a roadside fruit stand or from a rescue group. As with people, each cat has his or her unique personality. Jessie, our Tortie talks… read more

  • Adopt A Pet Month Winds Down: Tips For Adopting A Cat Or Kitten

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Have you been considering adopting a pet? Yearning for companionship and the comfort that comes with owning a pet, but not quite sure you have the time to devote to training a puppy or a dog? Maybe a cat or… read more


  • Is Your Family Ready For The Responsibility Of A Pet?

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Have your children been begging for a new puppy, kitten or other small housepet? How can you tell if your children are ready for the responsiblity of pet ownership? If you don't have children but are considering getting a pet… read more

  • Time’s Running Out For Our June Adopt A Cat Blog Hop!

    We're wrapping up our first themed-month here at BlogPaws and are still seeking entries in our Adopt A Cat Month Be The Change Blog Hop. We have great prizes and it's a purrrrfect forum for you to show off your beautiful cat and kitten photos.  We… read more


  • Are you a Player??

    I think Team #BlogPaws has stumbled upon the biggest cat playground at #GlobalPetExpo! Mom?? Cokie the Cat =^..^=… read more