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  • When Should You Source an Expert for Your Blog Post?

    When Should You Source an Expert for Your Blog Post-

    When I sit down to write a blog or article, my first or at least second thought is always, “Am I an expert enough to write this article with authority?” If I’m not, how do I find the best source? Here are a few considerations when… read more


  • Interview with a CoFounder: Meet Caroline Golon

    BlogPaws Icon Romeo the Cat

    Most of you don’t need to “meet” Caroline; you know her. Our community knows her well from her blog, romeothecat.com, and her work with shelters. BlogPaws would not be here but for Caroline. Yes, there are 3 co-founders, Yvonne DiVita, Tom Collins and Caroline Golon, and BlogPaws… read more


  • Meet BlogPaws 2016 Keynote Speaker Pamela Wilson

    Pamela Wilson

    Co-founder Yvonne DiVita and I talked with BlogPaws 2016 keynote speaker Pamela Wilson on how to build a career in the digital space. Pamela shared her vast experience in growing a business online with tons of key takeaways you can apply today. Watch the motivating interview here: Get… read more


  • BlogPaws: Good, Bad, and Everything Else with Chloe DiVita

    Chloe DiVita Chief of Everything

    Many of you know her as Chloe… that’s C.H.L.O.  no e. Do not say the e. Seriously. It’s not ChloE… other women and girls might pronounce it. As her mother, I chose when she was born to call her CHLO… and we would both like it… read more


  • Meet BlogPaws 2016 Keynote Speaker Pamela Slim

    Pamela Slim

    BlogPaws’ co-founder, Yvonne DiVita, interviewed 2016 keynote speaker Pamela Slim on how to forge your own path in the digital landscape. In this inspiring interview, learn what sparked Pam’s exit from the corporate world. Apply her fresh insights on creating your own place in the digital landscape to grow… read more


  • BlogPaws Dishes Dogs with Steve Dale

      by: Carol Bryant Certified dog and cat behaviorist Steve Dale knows pets. In fact, Steve Dale reaches more pet owners than any other pet journalist in America. So when Steve, talks, pet parents listen. At the very core of who we are as pet bloggers, we are… read more


  • TV Interviews

    by Yvonne DiVita, Co-founder and Mom to Chester, Emily, Olive and The Grumpy Old Lady As you grow your blog – with insight and advice from the experts at each BlogPaws conference – your local news will begin to notice. This week I saw on Facebook… read more

  • My Interview with Jill Rappaport, Animal Advocate

    By Guest Blogger, Chloe DiVita As a BlogPaws Team Member I was lucky enough to be invited to the Purina Media event at Global Pet Expo this year where I got to meet Jill Rappaport, the Today Show’s Pet Correspondent. While I knew who she was… read more

  • Interview with Lena West from Cherry Woodburn

    For those who have not yet enjoyed the benefit of a session with Lena West, this is a sneak preview. You'll quickly learn why we invited her to keynote in 2012 in Salt Lake City. For those who have had the privilege of knowing Lena from… read more