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  • Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Did know you know: The FTC recently sent out more than 90 letters to influencers and marketers who weren’t disclosing their paid relationships appropriately? Disclosures are a vital piece of working online, not just because of the FTC guidelines, but because it’s an important step in… read more


  • What is the Instagram Shadowban? And Are You Affected?

    What is the Instagram Shadowban? And Are You Affected?

    Have you heard this rumor floating around the internet lately? It goes like this: Based on hashtags you use, some of the images you post to Instagram won’t show up in search. The images are still there; you’re not blocked, and they’re not removed. But if someone–except… read more


  • Use These 5 Basic Blogging Skills to Rock Instagram

    Using your basic blogging skills to rock Instagram | BlogPaws.com

    When I started my Instagram account, I had no purpose or strategy. Sure, a few people started following me, but I wasn’t building a real community there. Then I saw brands taking a big interest in the platform and realized it was taking off as a legitimate… read more


  • Instagram Stories Alert! Plus All the Tips You Need to Rock IG!

    How to Rock Instagram - BlogPaws.com

    Let’s dish all things IG! DYK you can use still photos as part of your IG Stories? It’s a great way to outline a blog post, give a snap of behind-the-scenes, or  engage your audience. Yes, IG Stories is an awesome platform for video, but if you… read more


  • How to Report a Stolen Instagram Photo

    Stolen Instagram photo help

    The dreaded online thief. Hopefully you’ve never encountered someone stealing one (or more) of your Instagram photos. It is annoying, anger inducing, and frustrating, but the good news is this: There is a way to take action and report a stolen Instagram photo. As part of… read more


  • How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram

    How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram | BlogPaws.com

    If you are familiar with the pet world on Instagram, you have probably come in contact with quite a few animals recommending some of their favorite products. Sometimes these product reviews–paid, complimentary, or just for fun–can be a little on the dull side: a fake smile… read more


  • How To Get More Followers on Instagram

    How to gain more Instagram followers

    Instagram was one of the hottest social media platforms of 2016, and 2017 shows no signs of slowing in the Insta-Space. We are often asked how to get more followers on Instagram. Dispensing advice such as “engage with other Instagrammers” is common sense, and we are… read more


  • How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales for Your Small Business

    How to Use Instagram to Increase Small Business Sales | BlogPaws.com

    Running a small business is hard. I get it! Sometimes it seems like you’re just one out of thousands of other people trying to sell the same thing, despite your creative input. That said, you have a very handy tool at your fingertips: social media! Instagram… read more


  • All the Resources You Need to Grow Your Social Presence

    All the Resources You Need to Grow Your Social Presence - BlogPaws.com

    Yesterday, we shared the importance of leveraging your social media analytics, along with tips and tricks on how to do just that. But what happens if you track your analytics… and you’re not happy with what you discover? Hey, it’s OK! We can all always work… read more


  • How to Build a Large and Loyal Following on Instagram

    Edit your Instagram photos purposefully to stay on brand

    This post is for all pet parents and pet bloggers who want to grow your pet’s Instagram account! I started my dog’s Instagram account @genevieve_the_cute_dog over two years ago. And within a month, bam! She gained 15,000 followers. Just kidding. It wasn’t that easy. It took us a… read more