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  • Join Us for Office Hours: Let’s talk community!

    Office Hours Are Open

    On a steamy fall night in 2012 in southern Louisiana, my husband sat in his apartment–he was on a research stint in the bayou while the dogs and I were in Indiana. Over the sounds of the TV show he watched on his laptop, he heard… read more


  • Publish or Publish: From Blog to Book

    blogpaws cares

    If you’re wondering if it’s necessary for a blogger to put his or her mind to writing and publishing a book, there are pros who know. These pros are Lisa Erspamer, Amy Shojai, and Lon Hodge. Combined, these three are an arsenal of information and BlogPaws… read more


  • Keep Your Eye On The Prize But Don’t Lose Sight Of The Joy Of Pet Blogging

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess It's all about blogging, blogging, blogging, tracking your followers and likers and the number of re-tweets you garner, right? Well, not so much. Yes, you want to make certain that your pet blogging is reaping the rewards you'd hoped… read more

  • Growing Your Pet Reach In 15 Minutes

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess There are times when I bemoan the fact that I don’t have enough time in the day or enough time to complete Project X, Y or Z, but then I realized that rather than looking at Project X as… read more

  • What’s the deal with Pinterest?

    By Guest Blogger, Chloe DiVita Pinterest seems to be popping up more and more lately – in our Facebook feed, in our Twitter stream and in our Community. We're new to Pinterest, but we are (dare I say) interested. One such post that ran through our… read more