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  • Blog Hop: Pay to Play on Facebook

    How to advertise on Facebook

    “Do I really need to pay to get more followers, engagement, or traffic on Facebook?” In an era dubbed “pay to play,” this blog hop is dedicated to tips on paying for ‘something’ on Facebook in order to meet your pre-defined goals. A solid social strategy… read more


  • Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising

    Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising

    Every pet blogger wants more readers, but how can they to find a new audience? Try Facebook advertising. Facebook has around two billion active monthly users. Think it’s too expensive for you? Think again! Ads can run as cheaply as $1 per day. Because Facebook wants… read more


  • 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Blog

    Creative ways to advertise your blog_deck out your dog

    Pet influencers are Jacks (and Jills!) of all trades. We are writers, photographers, copy editors, SEO experts, web designers, accountants, brand reps, graphic designers, social media content creators, and non-stop advocates for pets everywhere. Like many small business owners, most of us do not have a… read more


  • Is Facebook Advertising Worth it For Bloggers?

    Advertising on Facebook

    Getting more LIKES and traffic on Facebook: These are the things bloggers strive for and dream about on a regular basis. In order to do this, at some point most businesses on Facebook will take part in paid advertising. But is Facebook advertising worth it for… read more