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  • 5 Quick Editing Tips for Blog Posts

    5 Quick Editing Tips for Blog Posts (1)

    Capture and retain your readers’ attention with engaging blog posts. Even if you have a story to tell, you could miss the mark with editing missteps. It’s a competitive landscape for bloggers. Readers need to connect with you and your words, but typos and errors can… read more

  • Your Blog, Your Business, Your Book?

    Your Blog Your Business Your Book

      What is a book? A book is content. A book is educational. A book is funny or silly. A book is challenging. A book, in essence, is a compilation of someone’s thoughts. Those of us who are readers, who rarely let a day go by… read more


  • Self-Editing For Pet Blog Post Success

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Misteaks happen when your righting blog posts. The point is to self-edit before you hit “publish.” There are several items you will want to edit – the words themselves (as the mistakes in the first sentence point to!), your… read more

  • Tweet Your Way To Better Blog Posts

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Tell me a story in 140 characters or fewer. Can you tell me a story in six words or fewer? If you can, then you can be a better blogger! It's true: Tweeting can help you be a better… read more