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  • The Top SEO Terms You Need to Know

    The Top SEO Terms You Need to Know_ ALT Text

    Attention pet lovers, bloggers, and website designers! Do you want to optimize your website or blog to boost visibility on the Internet, but sometimes get stuck on technical terms along the way? When Google finds matches for your search, it considers more than 200 factors –… read more


  • Optimizing Blog Images for SEO

    How to Optimize Images for Your Blog

    You just finished writing the purrrfect piece of content for your blog. You’ve double checked your spelling, punctuation, added catchy headlines, and even formatted your content for SEO. In black and white, everything looks great. Whiskers even gave his approval with a friendly meow! But –… read more


  • Formatting Your Blog Content for SEO

    Formatting Your Blog Content for SEO | BlogPaws.com

    Once you’ve come up with the purrfect blog post topic and catchy headline, the next step is to not only gather ideas and create content, but to properly format it all. Referring back to the importance of search engine optimization for blogs, a solid format gives… read more