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  • What To Do Now that BlogPaws 2012 Is Over

    By: Carol Bryant BlogPaws 2012 is over. The lights have been turned out, the red carpet’s been rolled up, and all attendees headed home. So now what? Is it over and does the countdown begin for BlogPaws 2013? Yes and yes <insert HUGE PAUSE here>. Your… read more

  • Dogster and BlogPaws

    Seven non-veterinary career choices for dog lovers, including dog blogger BlogPaws on Dogster… read more


  • AKC Canine Health Foundation at BlogPaws

    “Conversations to Have With Your Vet” is the title of a session being conducted by Dr. Terry Warren and author of one of the most well-read syndicated pet columns in the country (“My Pet World”), Chicago’s own, Steve Dale. Terry T. Warren, Ph.D., J.D., is the… read more

  • How to manage time and get to blogging

    by: Carol Bryant Time stops for no one, a great writer once penned. Today, that great writer is blogging. With all of the demands of life and so many social media avenues to explore, managing time can be a nightmare. Not according to Something Wagging This… read more