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  • 5 Tips to Craft Your Pet Business Brand Story

    woman sitting at desk behind computer with grey cat sitting on desk in front of her

    Brands are nothing more than a collection of people, which makes it even more important to craft your pet business brand story, and craft it well. Before we get to that let’s make sure that you understand everyone creating content online is a brand. Whether it’s… read more


  • How to Create a Branding Strategy for Your Pet Blog

    How to Create a Branding Strategy for Your Pet Blog

    How much thought have you put into your branding strategy for your pet blog? What is branding anyways? A brand is the emotional experience or connection a person forms with your business. Branding is so much more than just a pretty logo and the colors you… read more


  • How to Create a Name That Gets Noticed: For Your Pet Blog, Your Brand, or Your Product

    7 Tips for Creating a Memorable Blog Name from BlogPaws.com

    Remember choosing a name for your furry friend? Did you think about how it would sound when spoken? Whether it fit your pet’s personality? How it would be spelled? Much like naming your pet, naming your blog (or brand or product) is a big step. It’s… read more