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  • How to Level Up Your Blog Writing

    How to Level Up Your Blog Writing

    So much content, so little time. Whether you’re creating or consuming, content is everywhere. Because there’s so much published each day, much of what’s out there is mediocre. A lot is even worse than that. As content creators and content consumers, we want to make sure… read more


  • How to Develop a Source Guide for Blog Posts

    Any reputable journalist will tell you that when reporting or writing an article, sources are essential. A source guide is one tool in the blogger’s arsenal of must haves, and this post will explain how and why to develop your very own source guide for blog… read more


  • How (and When) to Create Evergreen or Cornerstone Content

    How (and When) to Create Evergreen or Cornerstone Content

    Building a successful blog requires several different types of content. Your strategy should include a mix that stays true to your brand and mission, while providing fresh content to your audience. Two of the most important pieces to your overall strategy are your evergreen posts and… read more


  • Blog Hop: 25 Tips for Professional Bloggers

    25 tips for pro bloggers

    Have you been blogging a while? Perhaps you are just getting started on your blogging journey and need some help. This week’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to professional bloggers with a list of tips you can’t afford not to read. How do you know… read more


  • How to Set Up Google Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

    How to Set Up Google Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

    “Some of the best things in life are free.” Usually people only say that to help them forget that they can’t afford that one awesome thing they’ve always had their eye on (I’ll have you yet, iPhone X!). But in the world of online marketing, not… read more


  • 10 Free Online Tools to Make Your Blogging Life Easier

    10 free online tools to make your blog life easier

    Launching your blog was undoubtedly one of the highlights of your life so far. A little corner of the internet that’s all yours! The possibilities of your blog are endless. Followers, fame, and the thought of helping and entertaining people all over the world. You could… read more


  • How to Become a Successful Blogger: 3 Critical Elements

    How to Become a Successful Blogger

    We’re often asked: How do I become a successful blogger? It’s a question posed and discussed in forums and in Facebook groups. There are entire Twitter chats and hashtags dedicated to evaluating blogger success. Unfortunately, a lot of the tips and advice around the internet focus… read more


  • 3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

    3 WordPress Tips to Read This Weekend

    Brush up on your WordPress skills: Here, we’ve rounded up three posts that share critical info to improve your website. Comb through these posts chock full of WordPress tips this weekend! WordPress Tips and Tricks with Jessica Shipman For those of you who love to learn… read more


  • Launch Your Pet Blog This Weekend!

    What are your plans for the weekend? Maybe you should finally start that pet blog you’ve been dreaming about. Starting a blog is easy and it can be done in just one weekend. In this post we are going to tell you how.  Snuggle up on… read more


  • Blogging 101: What Social Media Platforms Should You Use

    What Social Media Platforms Should Bloggers Use

    “In order to know what social media platforms to be active on, you need to know where your audience (aka your demographic) congregates.” This is all well and good if you have an audience and if you have an idea who your demographic is. What if… read more