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  • Summer Reading List for Bloggers

    Hello, August! Can you believe that fall begins next month and all the kiddos are heading back to school? Here at BlogPaws, we have been busy working behind the scenes this summer as we prepare for the launch of our new Social Learning Center. We’re going “Back to… read more


  • Want to learn to be a better writer? These resources can help!

    Writing Resources

    When I taught college English, I had versions of this conversation with many students every semester: Student: “Ugh, I don’t want to take this class. I’m a terrible writer!” Me: “Terrible? May I please see what you’ve written?” Student: “Well, I haven’t written anything…” I’d draw… read more


  • 10 Business and Writing Books for the Serious Pet Blogger

    10 Business and Writing Books for the Serious Pet Blogger

    Bloggers are readers. It stands to reason that those of us who blog, also enjoy reading. We read other people’s blog posts, we read online magazines, we read content on Twitter and Facebook, and, let’s admit it, we read the labels on cereal boxes. It’s part of… read more


  • Friday Freebies for your Blog: Embedding Videos from YouTube

    By Tom Collins Last week's post about the free widget for displaying photos from your Flickr or Picasa streams gave me an idea for sharing the blogging resources I come across all the time — and the hope that you'll join in and share, too! I'm… read more