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  • How to Gain More Blog Traffic By Updating Older Blog Posts

    New Traffic for Older Blog Posts

    Everything old is new again, and this is certainly the case when updating older blog posts. New readers find your blog on a regular basis and sometimes, even your loyal followers miss a post or two. You can actually gain more blog traffic with content you… read more


  • How to Write Evergreen Sponsored Content

    How to Write Evergreen Sponsored Content

    When working on paid content, make the most of your hard work by creating with longevity in mind. Sponsored content that can withstand the test of time provides added value to the brand while making your blog an attractive spot for other brands and for readers. How?… read more


  • How Much Is A Blog Post Worth?

    How Much is a Blog Post Worth

    It’s impolite to answer a question with another question, but in this case, I have to do it. How much do you think it’s worth? During the 12 years I’ve been doing this–blogging for business–I’ve been asked the “how much” question enough times to have developed… read more


  • 26 Blog Topics To Get Through the Holiday Season

    by: Carol Bryant Faster than a one-horse open sleigh, brighter than Rudolph’s nose, and quicker than you see Santa shimmy up and down a chimney, the holidays are here. Whether you rejoice and celebrate, groan and bicker, a little bit of both, or skip the holidays… read more

  • BlogPaws 2012 Blogger Posts

    Some of the many BlogPaws 2012 Conference blog posts can be found at this link.… read more


  • 50 Things to Write About After BlogPaws

    by: Carol Bryant You have the ticket booked, the reservations are made, and you are about to attend one of the most powerful social media conferences in the nation for pet bloggers, writers, brands, microbloggers, and more. You want to be able to bring something back… read more