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  • 4 Simple Tricks to Photograph Your Pet Like a Pro

    4 Simple Tricks to Photograph Your Pet Like a Pro- BlogPaws.com

    For pet bloggers, taking great images of our pets is a key component to blogging success. Unlike with human models, it’s not always easy to get your pet to strike the perfect pose for that eye-popping photo. It takes a bit of creative maneuvering to get… read more


  • When a Picture is NOT Worth a Thousand Words

    Words and Pictures Together

    I have a love/hate relationship with photos. Especially photos of pets or people. As a photographer, my photos leave a lot to be desired. For instance, people’s heads. Or dog’s paws. Somehow I manage to cut out the best parts of a picture every time I… read more


  • How to Create Blog Photos That Brands Love

    How to create blog photos

    Pictures say a thousand words, and if you are a blogger who works with brands: Pictures can make or break a post. Many veteran bloggers I’ve spoken to over the years believe quality photos or just as if not MORE important as the blog content. The… read more


  • Ten Photo Resources and Tips for Pet Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant Social media networks have quite literally, exploded: From pet blogs to microblogs on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, social media is in its prime. Photos are a huge part of social media, and the right photo can often times make… read more

  • How to Take Perfect Pictures for Your Blog

    Taking the right pictures with the right angle and the right lighting leads to a perfect photo for your blog, right? WIth the influence of visual assets to the social media landscape (Pinterest, Instagram, etc), having the right photos to complement your brand messaging is essetial… read more

  • Friday Freebies for your Blog: Image editing power with Aviary’s Phoenix

    By Tom Collins Last year, I announced that we’d activated a nifty image editing feature for adding captions, cropping, and adding special effects to your uploaded photos right within the BlogPaws Community site (I’m sure you can do better than I did, demo-ing some of the… read more

  • Friday Freebies for your Blog: Photos from the U.S. Army’s Photostream on Flickr

    By Tom Collins This week’s resource is a BIG one that I’ll come back to often for specific examples and links: images created by the government. The photo here comes from The U.S. Army’s Photostream on Flickr, with the caption, “Homeless dogs help healing troops.” When… read more