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  • Pet Industry and Bloggers Soar to New Heights


    by: Carol Bryant We are a society who loves our pets. Annual spending in the pet industry reached $55.7 billion in 2013, according to APPA (American Pet Products Association) President, Bob Vetere. Vetere addressed a crowded media room at the annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando,… read more


  • Why Pet Bloggers Are the Voice of Authority

    by: Carol Bryant Divorces are up, birth rates are down, families are smaller, life expectancies in general are up and guess what this means? More and more people are seeking the companionship of animals. As a society, we've become more insular – even though the first… read more


  • Pet Parents are Diversifying, Are You?

    by: Carol Bryant The pet market includes more than dogs and cats, and BlogPaws has long known this. If your pet wiggles, swims, chirps, slithers, scurries, scampers, meows, barks, or otherwise: BlogPaws embraces you. The definition of "pet parent" has evolved in recent years as well.… read more

  • Pet Bloggers Have Purchasing Power Influence

    by: Carol Bryant Do you ever wonder if BlogPaws the company makes the news, gets talked about, blogged about, and is part of mainstream culture? We do. The answer is yes. If you need a source of inspiration, a source of fact, or a source in… read more