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  • Content Strategy: How to Mine Existing Content for New Ideas

    Content Strategy- Mine existing content for fresh ideas - BlogPaws.com

    Why You Need to Go Beyond the Numbers It’s easy, and often necessary as a content creator, to get into a groove with analytics. You might look at your traffic daily or weekly, note what did the best, and work to repeat that success in the… read more


  • Analytics and Blogging: We’ve Got Your Number

    by: Carol Bryant We blog, write, SEO optimize, check for errors, hyperlink, pin it, share it and tweet it. So how can we analyze our blogs? Sam Moore and Robin A.F. Olson plan to show us exactly how to do so and with confidence. Sam and… read more


  • Do Numbers Matter in Pet Blogging and Social Media?

    By Carol Bryant The sheer thought of numbers, statistics, and crunching analytical information tends to give off a less than creative vibe. How many writers amongst us (you blog, therefore you write) are also avid number cruncher fans? Perhaps there are some, but for many, the… read more