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Random Questions for the New Year

Tango and Jackby Yvonne DiVita

Getting ready for 2012? You should be. Here are some random questions you should be asking yourself.

1. Is 2012 likely to be different than 2011? If it is, be ready. If it isn't, why not? Do you even want it to be different?

2. Is 2012 part of your 5-year plan? Which part? 

3. Are you ready for 'new'? Starting January 1st, everything will be new… for approximately two weeks. After that, it's all as old as the shoes in the corner of your closet. Be ready for new.

4. Who do you need to get to know better in 2012? Start getting to know them now.

5. If Fate wasn't as kind this year as you would have wished, figure out why. Is it because you weren't paying attention? Paying attention is more important than paying for coffee at a corner coffee shop. Just saying.

6. Have you said the right thank yous? What are the right thank yous?

7. Do you believe the world is a better place overall, this year… or a worse place? What will you do to in 2012 to change that, if it needs chan IIsReady4MaiCloseUP-300x196ging?

8. Who will you help today – knowing it will make a difference to them in 2012?

9. When you got out of bed this morning, what was the FIRST thought that came to your conscious mind? Was it powerful? Why not? You can control that

10. What's missing from this list? I can't think of all the questions you should be asking yourself. Only you can do that. Share your thoughts in our comments section. 

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