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Pet Blogging ‘Rules’ For Success

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Blogging is becoming more relevant in the pet industry every day and the number of bloggers is growing Picture2 daily as well. If you are going to be a blogger you’ll need to know how to develop content.

I’ve put together three simple rules for you to do just that (I mean, you should be writing your own blog posts, not reading mine, right?!):

  1. Be relevant. Content on your blog needs to be relevant to your blog’s theme. For example, if you’re a cat blogger but go off topic on a regular basis and write about “how to make the perfect cup of tea” or “ways to bond with your reptile” your readers won’t know what you’re all about. Your blog will be more successful if you attract and keep readers coming back because they know what you will be writing about and they want to know more.
  2. Give them something to talk about. Offer useful information on your blog post. Were there pet food recalls announced? Write about it. This is information your readers will want to know. Are you a dog trainer? Offer tips to your readers on how they, too, can train their dogs. Your blog posts are for your readers, not necessarily for you.
  3. Be consistent. If you want to keep readers engaged, you need to be consistent with your posts. Choose a posting schedule and stick to it. If your readers know you’ll be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make certain you do. Look for a blog platform that allows you to write your blogs all in one sitting and schedule them to go live throughout the week.

When you’re first starting out as a pet blogger make certain your focus is narrow – but not so narrow that you run out of information after a few weeks. Once you’ve built a following, feel free to experiment and expand. 


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  1. You have lots of good advice; I am not a pet blogger, officially. However, I do like to write, and my pets, or other pet issues, are sometimes my topic. I also really like your layout…professional and easy to access links and ads. Good luck to you!

  2. Any tips and suggestions on what to put on a blog about my pets? I have never created a blog and I wanted to give it a shot. Whats a good name for it? I have a 5 year old Golden Retriever named Jack and a 3 month old Doberman Pinscher named Abby.

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