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Pet Blogger Trends and Tools

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means extra special traffic for pet blogs. Holidays tend to be a time when more pet parents are cruising the Internet, searching their smartphones, and visiting pet blogs. We have time off, holiday gatherings means posting selfies and finding out what’s hot in the pet world. Time for pet blogger trends and tools.

Enter the pet blogger. Hello traffic. Hello new readers and loyal readers alike.

In a recent Google Hangout on Air, BlogPaws’ co-founder, Yvonne DiVita, discussed hot blogging topics, trends, and what’s to come for 2015 with me, Carol Bryant.

If you missed the hangout, check out the video in after these hot topic slides:

Myth Busting: You know those old wives tales and things people often surmise about pets? For example, is it really true that a warm nose means a dog is sick or that a wagging tail always means a dog is friendly? (no, to both). Tell your readers.

How To: I love how to posts. I love it even more when they are accompanied by a short but succinct video. Write the steps down, then tell the story to your audience. Better yet, show me.

Listicles: I love small lists that say a lot. Lists are easy on the eyes, often more easily absorbed, and if presented in a tight but well written way, readers will go and do them. Examples: Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Pees in the House.

FAQs: What are the things you find your family, friends, and followers ask you a lot? Why not make a themed FAQ post of the week? Answer a few and build them around a theme. For example, “Cat Mom’s FAQs About Bladder Stones.”

React to News: Reporting the news is great, but getting some expert (even your own) reaction to it and why you feel that way can generate commentary.

Review the Latest Somethings: Not just an ordinary product review, but look around. What 5 things sitting in your dog’s toy box would make for a good review. “Five toys my dog can’t destroy.”

Pose a Question: Blog posts need not always be a Shakespearean rambling. Ask a question, tell readers you want feedback and maybe why you are asking in the first place.

Strange Pet Holidays: National Scoop the Poop Day. Really? Yes. I know because I blogged about it. What other pet holidays exist that are creations of someone sitting in their basement wondering what to blog about? Google it and found out. Then blog it.

Conflict and Contrast Post: I love this type of post; one that gives both sides of the issue and then lets readers debate it; i.e. “Pets should be allowed in grocery stores and here’s why” – then “Pets should not be be allowed in grocery stores and here’s why.” Where do your readers stand?

Pets 101: When my Cocker Spaniel passed away, I was devastated and then one day found my “never again,” who happened to be a puppy. I went from geriatric care and visits to specialists to a peeing puppy who ate my shoelaces. Beginner posts are always fun. We’re all a beginner in something throughout our lives, especially pet people.

Current Events: Use Google news for story ideas. Not Google, but Google News. Type in your topic and wha-la: instant inspiration.

Solve a Problem: Again, this is another favorite of mine. Think of a problem your readers face and solve it for them. I’ve learned how to make homemade treats, where to get the best bargains for bully sticks online, and more all through fellow bloggers’ posts. Oh, and double bonus: You start establishing yourself as an expert.

Refer a Blogger: Did something someone wrote help you or affect you in some way? Tell someone about it via a blog post. Reciprocation is the name of the game in the blog world. To get comments on your blog, be a good blog friend.

Funsville: Did something make you laugh that your ferret did? Did you see a video that totally cracked you up? Share it! Everything you write need not be serious and informative. Laughter is good for the soul.

Here’s the video promised:

And for some tools for pet bloggers from the BlogPaws realm:

blog tools

blog tools


For trends for the remainder of 2014 and looking to 2015, the future is super bright for pet bloggers:

blogger tools

 What topics and trends do you want to hear more about?

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