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Meet The Ambassadors: Melissa Clinton

mkEach year, the BlogPaws Team has chosen Ambassadors to help promote the conference, help out newbies and to assist in “being the faces” of BlogPaws leading up to, and at, the conference. This year we featured our four Ambassadors in our newsletters and asked them some “getting to know you” questions.

In case you missed it, here is our interview with  M.K. (Melissa) Clinton:

  1. What was your first pet? A beagle named Barney.
  2. If you won the lottery what would you do? Open a deluxe rescue.
  3. Favorite part of being a pet parent is…waking up to a Basset tapping me on the arm.
  4. What are your business goals this year? Redecorating a room into a home office; it will be great to have an official work environment for writing & blogging.
  5. What is a  daily “must have“? Coffee. All day. All night.

What are you looking forward to at the Conference? “I can’t wait to see the amazing friends I met last year in Las Vegas & new ones face-to-face.  After watching the Larry Kay & Carol Bryant Google+ Hangout, I am very excited to learn more about social media.  I just joined Facebook, so I desperately need that help.  There are so many sessions to choose from & I don’t want to miss any of them.

Stay tuned for future “Getting To Know You” interviews with the Ambassadors!

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