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Five Apps For Pet Parents on the Go

Wuufby: Carol Bryant

As BlogPaws is celebrating senior pets month throughout
August, imagine our surprise (and glee) when recently contacted by
internationally known pet and animal expert, Warren Eckstein.

Warren hosts his own syndicated radio
show, "The Pet Show With Warren Eckstein," which is heard on
top-rated WOR Radio in New York and is syndicated in scores of markets
nationwide, in addition to Canada. He also hosts a similar program on top-rated
Smart Talk KRLA 870am Radio in Los Angeles. As a pet therapist, Warren
dispenses pet behavior and psychology advice during his call-in shows.
Consequently, he's been nicknamed "The Dr. Phil of Pets."

So with a passion for pets, especially
adoptive and senior pets, Eckstein gives BlogPaws the down low on his favorite
apps, how he makes them work in his life, and why he recommends them to pet
bloggers and the BlogPaws community. Here’s what he had to say:

Who amongst us is living with their
cell phone? As a pet blogger, I know I use my cell phone to check email, cruise
through social media, and with the sea of apps out there: I use them to make my
life easier.  However, there are so many
apps to be found, and here are 5 that Eckstein recommends and uses:

: “I do a lot of traveling, driving back and forth between California
and Arizona,” he says. I like to check up on my dogs and what they are doing.
The IP Cam gives me this capability. I feel comfortable being able to check on
them.” Available in a free version called IP Cam Lite and a Pro version for

Dunleavy, of Sprint, says the is very heavy in terms of data usage and
one of advantages of Sprint is the unlimited data programs, so she chooses

First Aid
: Eckstein likes this app for its ease of use, as he consider himself
“not the most technological person in the world.”  One of the biggest fears he hears from his
radio show listeners is fear of their dog or cat choking, getting into
something poisonous, and needing emergent help. If seconds are critical, having
an app with info life emergency procedures, videos, details, and step-by-step
of what to do can save a pet’s life. $3.99.

Imagine being in an unfamiliar area and your pet needs emergent care: Using GPS
technology, VETFINDER locates your position and finds vets and vet hospitals near
you. Search features include experts and specialists, payment methods,
treatment options, and hours of practice.  FREE.

: With the recent launch of DOGTV, of which Eckstein is a founder, he
likes the ability of this app to play on his tablet device and keep his pets
calm while he travels. As a pet expert on NBC’s Today Show for a dozen years,
Eckstein has seen and heard his share of travel terror stories.  FREE.

“Very often, pets are excited, anxious, and nervous in a
car,” he says. “Seeing the different aspects of DOGTV and being able to hear calming
sounds are benefits of this app.”

: A cause near and dear to his heart, adoptive pets are a click away
with this app from PetFinder. Search adoptable pets at local shelters and
rescue groups, check out 370,000+
adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 shelters and rescue groups across
North America. FREE.

For more
about Warren Eckstein, visit ThePetShow.com.

Got a favorite pet-related app? Let us know.

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  1. Those are some great app recommendations. I especially like the idea of the VetFinder app. Their website says there is an option to “only show on-duty veterinarians in your area.”, which is great. Thanks!

  2. This is great! I just downloaded VetFinder – that is something I’m always concerned about, especially when investigating a new park or trail. I had some of the other apps and can’t get DogTV yet but can’t wait until I can!

  3. Is there a pet manager app where I can track my pets data? (medical appointments, walks, diary,…)
    The only thing that I found (that nearly meets my needs) is the “Tractive – Pet Manager” app. The other ones do not look that nice or missing some functionality. Tractive also does not have all the features I need, but at least they add new ones if you ask.
    Are there any alternatives for that?

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