How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales for Your Small Business


Running a small business is hard. I get it! Sometimes it seems like you’re just one out of thousands of other people trying to sell the same thing, despite your creative input. That said, you have a very handy tool at your fingertips: social media!

Instagram is one of the most practical ways to get your products out there in front of potential buyers. You can post photos of the products themselves, talk privately to interested customers through DM, and update others on InstaStories.

How to Use Instagram to Increase Small Business Sales |

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to actually increase your sales using this handy tool!

  1. Follow people in your niche.

You can’t expect for other people to establish your business for you! For example, if you are making dog apparel, follow dog accounts. DM them when they follow back and offer them a discount code or free shipping. Make them feel appreciated! Using relevant hashtags will only take you so far.

  1. Post good quality photos.

Nobody will bother to follow you or look at your selling platform if you don’t post high-quality photos! What does that say about the products themselves? An easy way to determine if your account will attract buyers is to look at it with a critical eye. Be brutally honest. Would you follow back?

  1. Have a logo and a good handle!
    Genevieve the Cute Dog Boutique Logo

There are a lot of apps that you can use at home to make a logo, and there are professional services that are more expensive. But having a logo will make your business look professional. This will help interested consumers trust in your business. Your business name should be something memorable yet original. A lot of dog businesses on Instagram first started with their own pets having an account! If you are well established (with over 10,000 followers), you can possibly incorporate your pet’s Instagram name into your business name. Our logo is simple but elegant and gets the point across.

  1. Be sure to repost about happy customers, or do model searches!

This tip is probably the best way to increase sales. If your pet has a popular Instagram account, then he/she may already have been a model for at least one business on Instagram. It helps customers decide if they want to actually purchase the product, and they can read real reviews It’s also fun to keep in touch with past customers, and it builds strong relationships.
Genevieve the Cute Dog

  1. Be relatable yet original!

Your products need to stand apart from other companies. Do you sell dog bandanas? Try some new prints or make them different by making them reversible! There are plenty of different options. Ask yourself, “What sets me apart?” or “Would I buy this product for my own pet?” Make seasonal patterns available for your products. If possible, include all of the seasons and major holidays. Consumers will be able to relate more, and they will probably want some festive wear for their furry best friends.

If I’ve learned anything from the pet world on Instagram, people will do anything for their pets. If you already own an Etsy account or are looking to start a pet business, or any small business for that matter, take some of these tips into consideration; believe me, they help!

Elizabeth Prater is a pet blogger, using her own blog to provide pet reviews and advice to all those who read. Her main platform is on Instagram (@genevieve_the_cute_dog) where she posts photos of Genevieve’s life! You can find occasional videos on their YouTube channel. The dynamic duo has lots of fun on and off camera.             

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