Being a Successful Participant in a Twitter Chat

Blogpawschat#BlogPawsChats have become so popular
and often move so quickly, we’ve heard that some of you feel lost in a sea of
tweets. That is why we put together this short guide to help you wade through
the surf and have a successful chat. If YOU want to sponsor a chat
or promote a brand or product please contact Chloe@blogpaws.com

  • Introduce
    yourself! A lot of interaction happens with other community members – who
    always start with a greeting like, “I am so excited to be here to hang out
    with @Sponsor’sname”.  Other times
    they will actually call out friends, “waving hello to @blogpaws
    @friend’sname and @persontheylookuptoinsocialmedia”. Not only will you get
    these people’s attention but others will see the tweet and often reply to


  • If
    you have a question for the sponsor or just in general but no one responds
    within 5 minutes, repeat the question and include @felissahadas in the
    tweet. She will retweet or respond so that your question gets answered.


  • Retweet
    the tweets from the @blogpaws account and the @sponsors account. This will
    allow your followers to see the tweet and they will often engage with it
    and with you.


  • If
    you have an experience using the product or a story being featured, share
    your thoughts. The sponsors LOVE hearing original comments. 


  • Don’t
    forget to use the #blogpawschat hashtag. If you want to be able to
    interact with other people during chat make sure they can see your tweets!


  • Don’t
    attend a chat just to promote your brand, company, blog post or giveaway.
    Interact with everyone; create a relationship with those attending the
    chat. By participating in the conversation, others will follow you and you
    can promote your product to them when the chat is over. When they follow
    you, they will see your brand, company, or PR agency and if they are
    interested they will get in touch with you.


  • Share
    pictures of your dog, cat, ferret, pet pig, chickens, or whatever other
    pet you have. We love seeing pictures and they help bring a smile to
    everyone’s day.


  • If
    you have nothing nice to say about a brand maybe that chat just isn’t for
    you. If however you are willing to see what the brand has to say, do ask
    the hard questions. Brands are prepared to answer them. Sponsors join us
    because they want to interact with YOU and hear to what you have to say.


  • If
    there is a Giveaway during chat make sure you are following @blogpaws and
    that they are following back before chat starts so that you can DM them
    with the quiz answer.


  • The
    more you participate during chat the more others will interact with you.
    Participation means people will follow you and each of your future tweets
    will become more impactful. We think you will also learn new and useful
    information, which you’re welcome to cover on your blog, also!

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