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A BlogPaws Thanksgiving for Pet Lovers

thanksgiving pets

We won’t tell you not to give your pets food they shouldn’t be having at Thanksgiving because, well, gobs and gobs of websites have driven that point home.

We won’t tell you that all pets deserve a home and that giving back to pets in need is not only the right thing to do, but the kindness repays itself a thousand times over. We won’t say it because well, we know smart pet parents reading this know that.

We WILL tell you that we are grateful for each and every one of our BlogPaws Community members, their pets, and for all your love, support, and growth with us over the years. And buckle up, well, once you’ve unbuckled long enough to exhale from the Thanksgiving meal, and get ready for a fantastic 2015 with a Conference in Nashville that promises to sell out once again.

With the holiday frenzy upon us, why not do something special this Thanksgiving for you and the pets in your life? Here are a few special ways to celebrate, enter to win some mega bling, and welcome Holiday Season 2015 with a bang:

Win a Year’s Supply of #OrganicPet food: Cascadian Nomads Giveaway

Win a Neato Robot Vacuum: To Dog With Love #neatobestpetvacuum Giveaway.

Win a Seat Cover for Canines: Pets Weekly #SeatCovers4Knines 

What are you doing for the Thanksgiving holiday that includes your pets? Did you write a post about Thanksgiving safety? Feel free to share it below! We will pick one post at random and post to our Facebook page!

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