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Loving Your Pet Blogging Deadlines And Duties

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Are you loving your pet blogging deadlines and duties? Even if they’re self imposed they can sometimes weigh on your mind and cause you to lose sleep. What’s a pet blogger to do? Embrace the deadlines and duties associated with growing your pet blogging business. I know, it may be easy for me to say that. Because I worked at a daily newspaper for several years I learned to thrive under deadlines and that’s why if I am working on a project with a deadline I get it done. If I have a project that can be done “sometime in the next two months…” it will likely be pushed to the bottom of my to-do list because it simply doesn’t seem pressing. shutterstock_86530657 (2)

If you find though that your to-dos for today get pushed to a to-be-done tomorrow then what you’re doing is setting yourself up for anxiety and angst. It takes more energy to procrastinate — whether it’s making a decision or writing a blog post — than it does to actually do the work.

Here are my five tips for learning to love your pet blogging deadlines:

  1.  Embrace the reasons you started a pet blog in the first place. If you feel blogging has lost its luster step back and make a list of why you started your pet blog. Look back through your old posts and re-read them as a way to get inspired and to give yourself a virtual pat on the back for blogs well-done.
  2. Remember “fame” takes time. Regardless of the type of pet blogging fame you are seeking you need to give it an opportunity to develop and grow. Building a pet blogging business or a pet social media following will not happen overnight. Know that it takes time to do anything well and you can relax and let your blog grow. Don’t think you need to step back and let it grow organically though — you need to nurture it, spread the word (through social media channels) and make friends with those who follow you on your blog and social media pages.
  3. Find your excitement and enthusiasm for writing. Did you lose the thrill of writing? Have you built it up into such an almost insurmountable object that it’s more of a chore than it needs to be? A way to regain your enthusiasm might be to read the blogs of others in your pet blogging niche, reach out to your devoted fans and friends, ask questions and ask for feedback from those in the BlogPaws Community  and have a conversation. Sometimes we get so involved in our own writing and work that we forget to connect with the outside world. Remember, it’s not everyone who can pen a successful pet blog, but you’re one of the inspired who do just that — keep that in mind!
  4. Don’t worry about what “everyone else is doing.” If you see a fellow pet blogger who is receiving accolades and acclaim, reach out and congratulate him or her. Don’t look at their success as being your failure. Look at the successes they’re achieving as something you can work toward. Be inspired by the progress of others because it’s a way to let you know there is much more out there that you can achieve! Bear in mind, too, that every pet blogger has a unique voice. If you don’t think you have developed yours yet maybe it’s time to brainstorm with a trusted friend or fellow pet blogger and determine what your voice is, or should be.
  5. Get out of the house and network with like minded individuals. No, this is not a plug for attending the BlogPaws 2014 conference (even though you’d meet so many pet bloggers there!) but maybe you need to attend networking events in your community, meet other bloggers, writers or business owners. Shake things up. Look for blogging ideas in new places. You may find that getting out and attending a networking event in which you will have the opportunity to say, “Hi, I’m Robbi and I’m a pet blogger” will help to inspire and excite you about your blog again.

How do you feel about deadlines? Do they help you or hinder your creativity? I’d love to hear.

(Photo: Shutterstock: Pug and In Box)

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