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What Should I Blog About? August Pet Blogging Prompts

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Where, oh, where is my inspiration? First question I need to ask is: Do you need to feel inspired to blog? Do you have to wait until the muse is dancing on your shoulder giving you fresh ideas before you can sit down at the keyboard and compose? If so… you may be going about it all wrong.

What should I blog about? That is a question I hear several times a week. You have to remember, there are times when the muse BP August #SeniorPetswill not cooperate and you have to lasso her in and make her do your bidding. Inspiration, my pet blogging friends may not come when you want it to, but if you want to be a pet blogger of influence (and perhaps monetize your blog) you need to find inspiration and make your blogging happen.

Here are 31 ideas for the month of August to (hopefully) inspire and motivate you even when your muse has gone in hiatus (use holidays to spark your imagination as noted below):

  1. It’s #SeniorPet month and BlogPaws will be celebrating senior pets and the pet parents who love them, so write about your experience with a senior pet.
  2. Blog about the benefits of adopting an older pet (there are many!)
  3. August is American Adventures Month. Blog about a trip you’re taking with your pets
  4. It’s World Mutt-i-grees rescue month. Blog about a rescue/shelter pet
  5. Blog about the benefits of adoption
  6. August 3-9 is Assistance Dog Week. What do you know about assistance dogs? What have you always wondered about them? Do you know someone who has an assistance dog? Interview them on your site.
  7. August 10-17 is Feeding the Pets of the Homeless week. What heartwarming stories could you share about helping a homeless person with his or her pet? Could you organize a food drive and then make a donation? (and then blog about it?)
  8. August 13 is World Lefthander’s Day. Have you ever wondered if your pet is right- or left-pawed?
  9. August 15 is National Relaxation Day. Blog about how your pet helps you relax. Blog about what you can do to relax with your pet.
  10. August 16 is International Geocaching Day. Plan a geocaching adventure for you and your pet and blog about the preparations that went into and how it worked out.
  11. August 22 is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. Blog about the importance of annual pet check-ups. Blog about particular health challenges for certain breeds. Blog about how you helped your pet lose weight because at the annual check up you found out she is overweight.
  12. August 31 is Pony Express Day. Blog about issues facing horses. The joy of owning a horse. Interview someone who has a therapy horse.
  13. Blog about bringing home a puppy when you own a senior pet. What can you do to make it an easy transition.
  14. Blog about what you will do to make certain your pets are cared for if you become ill.pet blogging prompts
  15. Write a post about your fondest memories with your pet.
  16. Make a video of you and your pet enjoying an outdoor adventure.
  17. Do a list post on the most popular dog and/or cat names.
  18. “I knew my pet was THE one when…”
  19. “It’s me or the dog/cat/bird/ferret…” What would you do if given that ultimatum? Blog about it
  20. Offer your best social media practices for pet bloggers.
  21. DIY: Make/bake a treat for your pet and share the results.
  22. Blog about your fire evacuation safety plan for your pets.
  23. Blog about, and take a picture of, your pet first aid kit; what you have in it, why, where you keep it for easy access.
  24. How do you stay organized and on track with work, life and blogging?
  25. My top ten favorite pet bloggers and why.
  26. Blog about life for a 24-hour period from the point of view of your pet. Could be hilarious!
  27.  Share your tips for saving money to go to the BlogPaws 2015 conference. 
  28. How-to. Write a how-to post on something you are great at! It could be baking treats for your pet, hiking trails with them, knitting when you have a lapful of cat!
  29. Top 10 things I have learned as a pet owner. This could be about learning about patience, the joy they bring into your life, the amount of time it takes to housebreak a puppy, the best ways to travel with a pet, the reasons why cats/dogs/guinea pigs/birds are the best pets ever.
  30. Ways a pet blogger can make money with his or her blogging efforts.
  31. My secret pet obsession is…

See if any of these prompts spark an idea for you and incorporate them into your pet blogging editorial calendar. Let us know if you’ve used any of the prompts and we just might feature it on the BlogPaws blog!

(Photo: Shutterstock: Dachshund with pet treats)

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