Chat with Weruva

Twitter bird

On April 8 we chatted with Weruva and they gave away cases of food to 10 lucky Twitter attendees!

The winners of the 10 cases of food were: @PinkFugu, @RockCityRescue, @CathyKeisha, @PinkHippo, @Franklovesbeans, @CatsRUSInc, @TFKBlog, @ThePlayfulKitty, @TheIslandCats and @OhLaLaChrissy

BkvhfSgCEAAp2C7 Some of our favorite tweets and photos of the night were from: @DoggieMadness, and @IHaveCat.

Weruva shared some pawsome photos and you can check them out here, here, and here!

The most re-tweeted tweet of the night was, “RT to support high quality ingredients in your pet food!

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