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BlogPaws From a Different Angle


BlogPaws encompasses many things to many people: From connecting with brands to learning about the latest technology. At the yearly BlogPaws Conferences, the bar is continually raised. Those who joined us on Lake Las Vegas earlier this month know what an amazing event occurred.

Sometimes actions and video speak louder than words and posts. Such is the case with Ted Nguyen, who was a speaker at this year’s BlogPaws Conference. Ted puts together a variety of videos from his BlogPaws experience. If you’ve seen the still photos and read the blog posts, those are fabulous resources for getting a glimpse into the conference that was. Here, then, is video from Ted and we will be spotlighting videos all week long and throughout the month of June as our videographer, Pet World Insider, offers one-on-one sessions with rock stars in the pet industry.

First up, Ted Nguyen interviews some fashionistas and our very own Tom Collins, who is all decked out in his famous tuxedo t-shirt! First watch this clip and then after the jump tune in for a face-to-face and nose-to-nose with Tillman the Skateboarding Dog!

And rolling along with Tillman from Natural Balance:

Got a favorite BlogPaws Conference memory and what are you looking forward to in Nashville 2015? Bark and meow at us below in the comments!


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